Quality and effects of the traditional indian music of Shreeguru Balaji Tambe

Music can exert a healing effect on body, mind and soul and its potential is at its most effective in the interplay with rhythm, melody and powerful mantras.

shreeguru konzert 2016 315For thousands of years, Vedic music has been aware of the enormous power of positive vibrations and has specifically used them to bring equilibrium to certain areas of the brain and to distribute these effects throughout the entire organism. In this, the largest part is played by the human voice.
Shriguru Balaji Tambe’s vocals, at the same time silky smooth and powerful, can reach into the deeper regions of the souls of his listeners.  The natural language of Sanskrit and the highly sophisticated Indian raga system add significantly to this unique experience. His compositions, drawn from the ancient Indian mantras, are like a tender caress for the soul, restoring its original vitality and zest for life.

The daily practice of meditation and the recitation of Sanskrit texts from his earliest childhood have perfected Shriguruji’s pronunciation of the Vedic mantras.  Correct pronunciation is essential to ensure that the full potential of the mantras is part of the concert experience.

In Shriguruji’s concerts, the main focus is not only on the presentation of the music but on the process by which the audience can be immersed in various moods.  AUM, the most powerful mantra of all, is sung by everyone as the highlight of each concert.  After starting off with a selection of enlivening songs, ShrigurujiBalaji guides his audience into the profound sound experience of AUM, thus rounding off the meditative effect of the concert.

Further singers include Shreela who enchants audiences with the joyfulness and lightness of her voice and Sunil, whose melodic and expressive vocals impress all of his listeners.

The singers are accompanied by various instruments with the bamboo flute playing a leading role. Tabla, harmonium, keyboards and percussion complete the voluminous and authentic sound landscape.
Shriguru Balaji També is a world-renowned Ayurveda legend. He has produced more than 30 CDs for the series "Santulan Healing Music" and his music can be experienced in the weekly meditation meetings which take place in several locations in Germany and Switzerland.

The 2016 concert tour will visit 13 venues in Germany, Switzerland and Austria – don’t miss the chance to experience this unique healing music live!

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