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Ayurvedische Medizin und Quantenphysik
Vortrag von Shreeguru Balaji També am 02.10.2018 im ZKM Karlsruhe

dr balaji tambe 184Listening to Silence

By Shreeguru Balaji Tambe

Everybody loves peace and quietness, and tries to avoid crowds and noise. But those who know the art of enjoying peace are not even bothered by a noisy environment, since peace really comes from inside.

Music is one of the techniques for learning to listen to silence. How can we learn to enjoy silence by actually concentrating on sound? Are we really thinking about silence? Is the silence outside or inside? Is it only a phenomenon related to sounds, thoughts or energy?

Once and for all, we have to decide our priorities and trust that peace is not only an absence of something. It is a process by which we enjoy life thoroughly but peacefully. It is necessary that everybody gives a little time every day for enjoying silence. It is a most difficult art, which naturally we have to learn, and more importantly to practise continuously.

Music is a tool for learning to enjoy silence because the real effect of music is not only in the notes, but also in the intervals, the gaps, the silence in between. By birth, everybody has a talent for singing. We only have to learn how to develop this talent for proper healing purposes and how to become united in silence.

Music doesn't only mean different types of sound produced by different instruments; they should also have a biological connection and an accurate application. The human voice and the vocabulary can be used along with the music to give the desired benefits. Vocal music properly designed and produced can offer an exact connection for union and leads to the enjoyment of Peace.



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•   Ayurvedische Medizin und Quantenphysik
Vortrag von Shriguru Dr. Balaji També
vom 02.10.2018 im ZKM Karlsruhe

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